Mystery Marijuana Plane Lands in Houston

25 11 2011

Monday, November 20, at the Executive Airport in Houston, Texas, a small aircraft failed to answer calls from the control tower, leaving them in the fog…

After landing with the wind behind it, the small twin-engine plane skidded off the track ending up with its nose in the grass.

Cannabis smuggling plane

The plane that landed full of marijuana at Houston Executive Airport

The radio remained silent.

When the airport authorities arrived at the plane, it was empty. Well, almost empty since inside was 45kg of cannabis, which may explain why the plane ended its course well off the runway.

It wasn’t the weed holding the joystick, and any experienced pilot will tell you that only someone as high as a kite would make a landing like that – or a complete novice.

The authorities are still looking for an unidentified suspect, seen running away from the plane by some witnesses.

The aircraft was recently sold at auction after the death of the previous owner, and since then has not been officially re-registered. Investigators hope to track the new owner with the help of the previous owner’s relatives.

Source: The Huffington Post



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30 11 2011

Marijuana is a completely harmless substance. We aren’t telling the truth about pot and it is just ridiculous. Pot has so many more benefits than negative side-effects its not even comparable. It is a natural plant that grows on the same earth we do. To make a plant illegal, and make the act of smoking it, which harms no one at all, illegal, is just complete blasphemy. I hope one day we will open our minds and pot will be legalized. Do you believe marijuana will ever be legal worldwide?

Great post! :)

Cheers! :) :)

30 11 2011

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Diesel!

I wouldn’t say completely harmless although it is by far one of the safest drugs known to man.

I believe in a worldwide legalisation because the war on drugs’ sole purpose is to increase the dangers associated with drug use, not to reduce consumption, and the people should realise that one of these days.

It takes a lot of efforts to inform people about cannabis, especially after almost a century of propaganda against it.

Education and unbiased information are the key to getting people to ask for the abolition of the cannabis prohibition.

Legalisation is bound to happen because no other plant can answer our needs in as many different ways as cannabis does.

Thanks again for your comment!

1 12 2011
Chickago Bear (@ChickagoBear)

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5 03 2014

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