Seattle Hempfest Review

10 09 2012

Hempfest 2012On August 17th was official opened the twenty-first Hempfest in Seattle, the biggest event in the marijuana industry! More than 300.000 persons attended what is now the biggest hemp fair in the USA. Many hemp products were on presentation and lectures were held.

As the organizers describe it on their website, “Each year, we give birth to a beautiful, bouncing Seattle Hempfest. Each year her gestation is different, The City and Parks Departments remold her and force us into a model of constant redesign. It’s amazing how it almost becomes Hempfest from scratch each year. Not a year has gone by in the past decade where they didn’t impede us with a construction project or other restriction that threatens our existence.” And this year was no exception!

Ballot measures to legalize marijuana are sprinting toward the polls in three Western states in November. Marijuana supporters say Washington’s vote on Initiative 502 is important to maintain national momentum on an issue that is beginning to see steady gains in popular support.

But the pro-marijuana community here is deeply divided over the measure. Beneficiaries of the state’s medical marijuana law fear that legalizing and regulating pot use would subject pot patients to potential arrest under the measure’s strict impaired-driving provisions.

Source: Huffington Post



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13 09 2012
Aden Patrick

I also accept and supporting about “Washington’s vote on Initiative 502 is important to maintain national momentum on an issue that is beginning to see steady gains in popular support.” – San Francisco marijuana lover.

2 12 2013
1 05 2015
James Milner

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14 09 2012
Jersey Teapot

Reblogged this on Jersey Teapot.

26 09 2012
420 24/7 (@SmokeWeed420247)

Glad to see the people are giving it their all to get it legalized… Smoke weed all day

28 10 2012

One love

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16 11 2012
Click-N-Hit (@ClickNHit)

Any news on if we get to see any of that action here in NY? i mean we haven’t legalized it but at least its decriminalized it. it kinda blows having to go all the way to WA for all the good stuff. =(

2 12 2013
19 02 2014
Reed Ames

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17 11 2012
Toby Barnett

Way to go Washington!!

2 12 2012

Should be legal :)

24 12 2012

I love that they are starting to do these in festivities in certain states. It will soon become something that’s done across the world like Beer festivals! When this happens people will come to my Online smoke shop to purchase lots of items. This site will be coming together very soon!

24 01 2013

Awesome rally. I love how we all add some efforts to help make this awesome plant become legal in America. Stop all the bs people.

11 08 2013
Giggity Cyn

Hempfest in Seattle is definitely the grand daddy of the hempfests, but there are some all over the country and they’re great. I fully support the legalization and medical uses. It’s about time these “educated people” start realizing the stupidity they’re spreading. I read about some other rallies and “fests” on too

2 12 2013
3 12 2013
Sunny Meadow

Koch brothers conspired to turn 20 million Americans to mentally impaired cannabis addicts and ruin small businesses by forcing the employers to pay for their rehabilitation.

21 12 2013
gotracts (@gotracts)

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19 02 2014
Brooker Wood

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25 02 2014
Nicholas Pervan

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17 03 2014
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26 03 2014

Man i miss the fest! Been gone from Seattle for a few years. 300,000, thats nuts! allways awesome times.

10 05 2014
Robert Narley (@Robertnarley)

Good to see that Seattle is helping to lead the way, while we over here in California fall by the wayside and witness more tyranny on our patient rights. All-in-all, we are headed in the right direction as a country with legalization!

22 06 2014
Mary Jane (@MaryJsDiary)

Things are looking up, but there’s still so much work to be done.

18 07 2014
Rama Kumari

excellent article and very good points.

20 08 2014
Irie Rebel

I looking forward to visit Seattle some day. But for now Hanfsamen

20 11 2014

This would open the way to the aspiring marijuana dispensary businessmen..

4 02 2015
zack m

Medical marijuana should definitely be legalized in every country as it is a life-saving drug and has many health benefits. Go ahead people….

26 06 2015
11 07 2015
sunny arorra

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12 07 2015

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2 08 2015
Mary Jane's Patch Denver

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10 09 2015
Cary Bradshaw

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23 11 2015
Amber Lawson

Wow 300.000 people out to support! This is a great blog, thank you… we will be back and ready to share. :)

17 12 2015

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22 01 2016
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6 02 2016

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22 02 2016
Michael Motha

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11 03 2016
Louisa Roberts

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28 04 2016


20 05 2016
John smith

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25 05 2016
IIHA India

Really nice article…. hemp has lots of other benefits…

2 06 2016
Bongs Australia

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2 06 2016
John Herms

I’d say would be a very avid supporter of the Seatle Hemp Fest. I’ll get in touch with the admins

12 07 2016

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6 08 2016
11 12 2016

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11 12 2016
15 03 2017
14 04 2017
Chris Lee

Medical marijuana should definitely be legalized in every country as it is a life-saving drug and has many health benefits.

31 05 2017
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27 07 2017

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25 08 2017


Seattle Hempfest Review | Marijuana & Cannabis Blog

5 10 2017

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30 11 2017
Jim Michaelson

Seattle Hempfest was a blast! Hope you could make it – so many new and familiar faces! Did you know that there are a few other big cannabis festivals around the world every summer?

20 04 2018
Leonel Adam


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20 01 2019
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17 04 2020
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