Oakland imposes a tax on the sale of medicinal marijuana!

28 07 2009

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The city of Oakland became the first place in America to impose a tax on the sale of medicinal marijuana this week in what has been seen as a huge step on the path towards marijuana’s eventual decriminalization. Famed for its liberal stance on the subject, Oakland (fondly dubbed Oaksterdam by the cannabis community) city council backed the move by unanimously voting through a proposition to allow voters a chance to have their say on Measure F.

Proposed by the city’s 4 “cannabis clubs” themselves as a way of contributing towards the local economy, Measure F imposes a tax of 1.8% on the sale of medical marijuana – $18 on every $1000 sold. “It is important because the city of Oakland is facing a massive deficit like many jurisdictions in California,” says Steve DeAngelo, a leader of one of the city’s cannabis clubs.. “And we decided to step up to the plate and make a contribution to the city in a time of need.” Measure F was passed into state law last Tuesday with 80% of voters backing the proposal in a special postal ballot.

Source: CNN.com

Iolite Vaporizer

7 07 2009

We have always been in favor of using a vaporizer to “smoke” cannabis. It is a healthy and very efficient way to use cannabis and the certainly the least harmful way to smoke cannabis. (if harmful at all)

Iolite Vaporizer - pocket sized VaporizerThe best thing about using a vaporizer is that you can really taste the herb flavour of the weed you are smoking. Of course you can also vaporize all kinds of herbs, but let’s face it.. Who spends more then 200 euro and uses it only for aroma theraphy?

The lastest addition is the I-olite vaporizer, formaly known as the I-inhaler. We are happy that they renamed this handy pocket sized vaporizerto the famous Viking Gemstone as it truly is a little gem.

The I-olite works very well for such a small vaporizer. The temperate might not reach the same level as, lets say, a vulcano vaporizer but the fact that it is easily concealed and fits inside your hand definitely compensates for this minor downside. The lower temperature might make the I-olite a little less efficient but try fitting a Vulcano vaporizer in your back pocket.

The normal retail price is about €179 ($249) but it can be order at the Sensi Seeds website for an introduction price of € 140.

  1. SensiSeeds.com € 160
  2. Vaporstore.com €179
  3. Gotvape.com €179

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