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Cannabis has world changing abilities and is too valuable for our society to be illegal.

On this blog all aspects of cannabis will be discussed. From the huge environmental and social benefits of the hemp plants to the controversial medicinal value of it’s female flower.

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4 07 2008

I find your blog to be very interesting. I have gone ahead to place a link to it on my blog. Keep up the good work.

25 06 2009

Excellen Blog, one of the finest which I have come across.

As the last guy said keep up the good work.

26 06 2009

@3chydroponics: Thank you! It’s good to hear you like the blog. If you have any ideas to make it better please let us know.

At everyone else: Don’t be shy.. If you like the blog, have a tip to improve it or if we missed some cannabis related news be sure to let us know!

19 11 2009

Hey all,

First off, you’ve got an awesome blog. My friends and I recently made a killer 8 foot bong, and posted instructions up online (no ads, lots of pictures and details) for everyone to enjoy. Figured you would dig it, the thing is a monster. Takes about 10 minutes to assemble, and only costs about $20.


Happy toking ;)

13 08 2009

great blog !
i need some answers please check yout my comments.
thanks keep up!

19 10 2009

You’re doing a great job keeping people educated and informed. Nice blog!

10 07 2010

I love your blog. Stumbled upon it while getting material for my blog. I hope you don’t mind, I added a link to your blog in mine! Keep up the good work!

14 07 2010

Thank you for your kind words Thalesgreen. We absolutely don’t mind a link to our blog ;) Success with setting up your own blog.

11 07 2010
The Medicine Man

Nice blog and layout, will link to it. Would you consider doing the same for my Medical information blog?

9 09 2010

How many of us humans actually belive that the “war on drugs” is actually that?
I believe it was made by and for the united states government to make CASH.And it’s working.When will the us citizens do something about this?Please assist me in halting this horrendous waste not only of our tax money but our lives.Let’s get all of us on the same page and do it.Stop waiting for someone else to do it.Please send all Ideas ,suggestions,links to others with the same goals to me.At mrmarks@juno.com

9 09 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to look over your shoulder all the time?

22 11 2010

This is a great blog. I am the director and producer of a stoner web-series called Project 420 (www.project420.tv). We would love to have some coverage on your site about it. Feel free to take a look!



21 06 2011

There is so much good information on this website! You’ve done a superb job. Quite honestly, it’s made me want to get medical marijuana licenses for so many of my family members considering all of their ailments. I’m right there with you– legalize!

My blog is a bit of the lighter side of weed culture: http://coolcannabis.blogspot.com I hope you don’t mind if I link to your blog now and then? Keep up the awesome work.


23 06 2011
Team Wintercogs

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30 07 2011
Sebastián Marincolo

Thanks for your great blog. Sadly, the main potential of marijuana often remains understated in the public debate: the potential to enhance various cognitive abilities during a high such as to recall past events, to be in the here and now, to recognize patterns, to vividly imagine things, to achieve real self-knowledge through introspection and to empathically understand others. Finally, marijuana can act as a catalyst to obtain real insights. See “High. Insights on Marijuana” by Sebastian Marincolo

11 09 2011
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19 09 2011

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19 10 2011
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15 01 2012
Joshua A Fitzpatrick (@wordshaman)


I was wondering if you would be interested in publishing a guest post I’ve written on the origins of medical marijuana in ancient history. This article is a very brief overview which offers some compelling facts on the first confirmed uses of cannabis by prehistoric humans.

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16 01 2012
Carlos Miguel Manogil Garre

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6 02 2012
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Good evening,

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to begin! My name is Andreski and I am an aspiring film maker who happens to visit your site quite often. I recently started making “How to” videos on marijuana ie: how to a joint, and how to make an edible firecracker. My films arent you typical first person style of shooting. I make my how to videos more of a story, or “short film”. All my videos are HD and shot with a Canon T2I. I have attached one of the links to a video, to see whether or not youll be interested in posting it on your blog. Take a look and let me know what you think. I am also willing to promote your site in my videos. Take care and feel free to contact me here anytime.


26 03 2012
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1 05 2012
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1 06 2012
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7 06 2012

Cool blog, I’m doing a story on Medical Marijuana in the New York’s metro area (New Jersey, NYC, and Long Island) for a local PBS station if you live in that area and would be interested in being featured in my piece, please let me know.

Also if anyone reading this has any personal ties to Medical Marijuana in the metro area and are interested please reply

26 07 2012
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3 08 2012
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6 08 2012
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6 08 2012
Legalizeitmovie (@Legalizeitmovie)

* correction to above comment: Previewing in Seattle (not Premiering)

11 11 2012

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29 11 2012
RoadToTheHIGHway (@Road2TheHIGHway)

Hello I am a big fan on your website and wanted to let you know that I am going to do a documentary on the legalization of marijuana and what it means and does for America. We’re going to do a road trip to Colorado (where it is legal now) and are going to interview people, talk to doctors, athletes and celebs all on the way, for the whole journey to learn about peoples views from the east coast all the way to the west coast. NY and NJ (where I live) have the strictest laws on Marijuana and it’s the most thought about and questioned drug out there and we are going to learn about it and also have ea crazy journey with live web casts during the documentary and blog, write on Facebook and do podcasts along the way. We will make a film through the whole 14 days we will be traveling back and forth from NJ to Colorado. We need a great website (such as yours) to help promote and get peoples attention about my documentary and I would love for you guys to be apart to help us get the word out because this will be a very interesting and intense trip all by car and with the legalization being so ground breaking. We all need to learn about it more and see what it’s really about. This will be a very funny, insightful and adventurous documentary about an actor/comedy writer and photographer who learn about marijuana, the people who support/don’t support it, what it really is and how it’s used and learning about the historic event where it was legalized. This documentary not only will be submitted to film festivals but will be promoted and talked about internationally and hopefully it will make a big impact in the world to get mass exposure and attention. I want to reach out to all the smokers and non smokers who aren’t that knowledgeable on marijuana and who want to learn more, so I can help not just myself, but others who can learn something about marijuana, legalizing it and the journey we took to learn about it form the east coast to the west coast. Please let me know asap. Mattyposlusny@yahoo.com

18 12 2012

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9 02 2013
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23 03 2013

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30 09 2013
13 02 2014

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2 06 2014
The WeedStream (@TheWeedStream)

Check out The WeedStream’s video from the first legal 420 in Denver! https://vimeo.com/96851259

14 03 2015
Hakob Kostanyan

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25 02 2017

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3 03 2017
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3 03 2017
20 03 2017
Carmen Wilson (@Youred39)


I have a story I’d like to pitch to you. I’m a freelance writer covering the cannabis industry. I can send you the article via email for your review.


8 11 2017
Keith McLaughlin

Come Meet
Learn about his Medical Cannabis Line
November 14
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8053 Deering Ave.
Canoga Park, CA 91304

8 11 2017
Keith McLaughlin

Introduces his
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Friday November 17
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Harvest on Geary
4811 Geary Blvd, San Francisco
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and sample Montel’s products


29 01 2018
19 02 2018
17 04 2020
Elliott Bogen

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