Judge Jim Gray – 6 Groups Who Benefit From Drug prohibition

17 05 2010

In little over 8 minutes Judge Jim Gray from Orange County, California, explains what 6 groups benefit most from drug prohibition AND he gives 6 clear reasons why cannabis should be legal!

The only thing we would like to correct, is that you actually have to be 18 or older (not 16 or older) to buy weed in coffeeshops in the Netherlands (Holland)



One response

6 08 2010

Judge James Gray has known the facts about the drug war for decades and has come to realize that it is his civic duty to do something about it even though he is retired from the bench. Read his book and watch our film, then you will truly understand the way it really is for the citizens of the great state of California.

Keep fighting the good fight,

Casey Casseday
Producer, The Green Rush

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