Swiss Cannabis legalisation referendum – part 2

22 10 2008

The Swiss are getting ready for the referendum on cannabis legalisation at the end of next month. As we really appreciate this initiative and wish more governments would be so democratic as the Swiss, we plan to pay as much attention to this referendum as possible.

As discussed earlier on this blog on November 30th a referendum will be held among the people of Switzerland about whether to completely legalise possession, sale, and cultivation of cannabis.

After reading some of the comments made on the previous blogpost on reddit we feel it is probably wise to clarify some of the information given by us. In the last post we said the Swiss wanted to decriminalise cannabis usage. This is not totally correct and has apparently confused some of our readers..

What the referendum is actually about is the complete legalisation and regulation of the cannabis market. This means cannabis would get the same treatment as alcohol or cigarettes and goes much further then for instance the current Dutch system.

We feel legalisation and regulation are equally important and are the only way to effectively deal with the Cannabis “problem” many governments face nowadays.

The initiative also has a website which unfortunately is only available in German.

Click here to visit

Support this inniative so one day in the future it might happen in your country. Tell your friends, blog about it, write about it and if you happen to have voting rights in Switzerland go out and vote!

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