10 Facts about medicinal cannabis

17 02 2011

The best way to make change is by sharing your knowledge about cannabis and a top ten list is easy to remember and can help to convince sceptic people, so here is a list of the most notable benefits of marijuana.

  1. Treats Migraines
  2. Slow Tumor Growth
  3. Relieves Symptoms of chronic disease
  4. Prevents Alzheimers
  5. Treats Glaucoma
  6. Prevents Seizures
  7. Helps those with ADD and ADHD
  8. May treat multiple sclerosis
  9. Helps relieve PMS
  10. Helps calm those with Tourettes Syndrome and OCD

10 major health benefits from cannabis

Source: Medical Insurance



4 responses

13 03 2011
Mikel Hera

Good work in working to get the word more out there. I was a tour guide in Amsterdam for quite a while and used to spend a good half hour ust talking about the importance of cannabis. The stigma that’s been built up in our societies is going to take a while to break down, but you’re doing good work towards it. I actually just wrote a blog about it myself if you want to check it out, though sure you get that a lot


Cheers and keep up the good work

6 04 2011
10 Facts about Medicinal Cannabis and Health

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17 05 2011
Randomosity: 10 Facts About Medicinal Marijuana « Flagrant City x SOS Buffalo

[…] 10 Facts about medicinal cannabis […]

2 12 2012

Nice facts. I gonna share it :)

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