Police kills man’s dogs in front of his kids during marijuana raid

10 05 2010

What kind of a sick world do we live in if a man can see his dogs killed in front of his family by the police for a small quantity of weed?

Jonathan E. Whitworth found his house raided by the police because investigators believed Whitworth was in possession of a large amount of marijuana and was considered a distributor. The Police raided his house at around 20:30 and shot his two dogs while his family was present. The only thing they found was a grinder, a pipe and a small amount of marijuana.

Look at the movie below (Warning! Graphic content) and tell us, even if this guy is a big time “drug” dealer, did his kids really deserve to go through such an thing? Having the family dogs shot to death and your dad arrested in such a brutal way?



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13 05 2010

This is so awful. Our government is so fucked. Who gives anyone the right to take somethings life. Makes me sick. I couldn’t watch the end it.

13 05 2010

Sorry it just submitted it… I meant watch the end of it. This man no matter what he did, did not deserve this by any means. His children will be so hurt from this. I hope the Police hate themselves for this and live with it everyday over a fucking grinder and a small amount of weed. Sick.

17 05 2010

The author of the article below has a valid point when he says “Raids just like the one captured in the video happen 100-150 times every day in America.”

“Calling for the heads of the Columbia SWAT team isn’t going to stop these raids. Calling for the heads of the politicians who defend these tactics and promote a “war on drugs” that’s become all too literal—that just might.”


25 06 2010

I hope I live to see the day when America opens it’s eyes and awakens from this Prohibition induced coma. A day when everyone everywhere can relish in the medicinal as well as recreational benefits of such a plant. Until then…file me under “Criminal”. I have declared war against the War of Drugs. – Deviant420

25 06 2010
Police Kill Mans Dogs in front of his kids during pot raid « Deviant 420: Transcend

[…] Police Kill Mans Dogs In Front Of His Kids During Pot Raid […]

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