Grow cannabis legally anywhere in Europe!

18 05 2009

100% Légal!!

Thanks to “HEMPFLAX” (a company founded in 1994 by Ben Dronkers, founder of Sensi Seeds) it is finally possible to grow cannabis 100% legally, whether it is in an effort to reduce your carbon footprint or simply to enjoy the beauty of the plant!

Hempflax recently launched their new website: where you can buy 5000 Cannabis Sativa seeds (100 grams) for only 50 Euros!!  The seeds come with a certificate identifying them as “USO-31 cannabis seeds” and can be legally (and easily) grown anywhere in Europe.

Publicité de Hempflax

By buying your “USO-31” seeds you will also be adopting a100m2 field in Holland which will be used to grow cannabis.  To find out more about this, click here. Below is a copy of the certificate you will receive as proof:

Cértificat de Hempflax

My personal hope is that enough people will start to do this in order to demonstrate how ridiculous the law is and render items such as the “CANNACOPTER”  (a remote-controlled dutch toy helicopter equipped with a camera used to “sniff out” cannabis cultivation) useless…  I wish I was joking:


Although there has been some publicity in trade publications, yesterday saw the launch of 15 second long TV commercials on Comedy Central in Holland:

EDIT: Please note that the THC content of USO 31 seeds is less then 0.2 percent, conform to European legislation. The focus is on the environmental benefits of cannabis rather then growing smokable marijuana.



4 responses

29 05 2009

This looks very interesting

1 06 2009

Its really interesting information that now you can grow marijuana at anywhere in europe and now it has been legal.

29 06 2009

Keep in mind that these seeds are hemp seeds. Grow them to make a statement or to improve the environment, not to get stoned. :)

11 11 2013
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