Cooking with Marijuana – Cannabis Butter

25 02 2009

As our last post on cooking with Marijuana is very popular we have another recipe for you. As you might know eating marijuana is not only healthier then smoking, it is also more efficient.

Anyway, the recipe below comes from a little website called a site which clearly is a good initiative but can use a bit more content. So if you have a nice recipe that you like to make yourself be sure to register and upload your recipe here.

Making Cannabis Butter

– 250 gram of butter
– 2 litre of boiling water
– 30 gram of course dry shake (aka trim leaf)

Cannabis butter is the main ingredient for most recipes with cannabis and IMO the best way of using cannabis in dishes.

Bring your water to a rolling boil, then put a small amount of butter in the water. Quickly, the butter melts, and mixes in with the water because the whole mixture is at a rolling boil.
Then put the grass in and boil it. (Of course, you will need to seperate all of the seeds first so you can plant them in the nearby park.) Now all the grass is riling around with the water and butter, and get this: The cannabinoids dissolve into the butter, while most of the nasty flavours and gook dissolve into the water. You need to stir the stuff regularly. After cooking the grass like this for a while (say, half an hour), your kitchen will really smell incriminating. Strain out the spent plant matter, squeeze all the juice out of it, and put the liquid in the fridge.

A few hours later, the mixture is cool enough that the cannabutter has solidified on the surface. It looks kind of scummy, but its just enchanted butter. Scoop it out and retain it in a bowl or a jar. The grass-nasty water is thrown out.

Now you can use the butter in any kind of normal recipe. Just use your imagination or your grandmothers cooking book.

PS. Maybe it is smart to start with more butter the first time you try this, so you are sure the dose is not to strong.



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