Growing Cannabis Guide 2/6 – From seed to seedling

22 12 2008

Last week we started with the first part of our series of marijuana growing tips. This week it is time for part 2!

Growing Cannabis Guide 2/8 – From Seed to Seedling

In our previous post you could read up on growing outdoor versus growing indoor. Whatever choice you have made, except from the time of sowing the sowing is done in the same way. In the that you want to grow cannabis inside you can sow whenever you like, if you want to grow cannabis outside you will have to do it in the springtime.

To get the best results when germinating cannabis seeds, we advise you to germinate the seeds according to the procedure below, with which we obtain germination rates of plus 95 % :

1. Use a place with a stable temperature of 20°C (70°F)

Use soil with a pH-value of ± 7.0. ( or germination soil mix from the gardening center)

Sow the marijuana seeds in a container about 5 mm (0.2 inches) deep.

1 Seed per small container is easy for later moving to a larger container or ouside. Keep 5 cm (2 inches) distance between the seeds in larger containers.

After sowing press the earth lightly, this stimulates even sprouting.

Spray the soil lightly with water. The soil should not be too dry or too wet.

Cover the container with thin transparent plastic film to achieve an
optimal greenhouse effect.

After 1 to 10 days the seeds will have sprouted. Now remove the
plastic film.

Sprinkle the soil regularly with water, wait till the upper layer has dried
out, and sprinkle again with water.

After 1 – 2 weeks the seedlings will be strong enough to put them in a larger container.

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6 responses

13 08 2009

i have some questions.
is male plants have any seeds inside?
and the seed becomes male or femaile alredy in the soil?
Thank you.

13 08 2009

Hi Lagers,

Plants are just like people. A seed could be described as a plant baby.

By this I mean the seeds grow on the female plant, but only if she is fertilized by the pollen of a male plant. (unless it’s a hermaphrodite)

I’m not exactly sure when a seed becomes female or male (probably right from the start) but you can only see this when a plants starts to flower.

I hope this answers your question.

14 08 2009

Thank you for answers.
If you let seed a nature take care of it (lighting balance normal soil) and give to it the right enought water only what ill be its destiny?

7 09 2009

The plant will grow like any other plant. Just make sure it has enough room (big pot) and light to grow.

Give it some nutrients every once in a while and make sure there are no harmful bugs in your growroom.

Have a look at some of our tutorials for the specifics.

27 07 2010

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21 08 2013
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