How to: Tell when a plant is ready to harvest

25 06 2008

Apart from referring to the given flowering times, one of the best indicators of a female cannabis plant’s ripeness is the colour of the hairs covering its flowers.

These hairs start out white, darkening to orange or red as the plant matures. A plant is generally at its ripest when about 75% of the hairs on its flowers have changed colour.

Observed with a high-powered magnifying glass, the resin glands on a ripening flower will undergo the same colour change, darkening from clear to opaque then usually to yellow, amber or orange. As this happens, THC is turning into the more soporific of cannabis’ active ingredients, CBD.

Some growers choose to harvest their marijuana plants when about 50% or fewer of the hairs have turned orange, reasoning that while the overall amount of resin produced will be less, a higher proportion of it will be THC.



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10 04 2011
second attempt 400 watt NL & BS

[…] (This one has the best info but requires a magnifier.) http://marijuanacannabis.wordpress.c…dy-to-harvest/ (This one has some info referring to % of hairs for harvest but this is not an exact way to […]

5 05 2013
Michael Crighton

can someone help,i have lost count how long my weed has been growing, but the buds don’t seem to be going any bigger and not sure how long they have to go, but I the leaves seem to get very dried out and go brown/yellow.

24 01 2014
Dominique Daubias

Basically, your buds are ready when they start to be hard.
Squeeze the buds and if they are nicely compact you can harvest safely
Also if the little “hair” turn brownish ( no more than 2/3 of them brown) your plant is ready.

Best ever way, use a magnifier to check the Trichomes ( little sticky balls containing the thc) if the balls are no more seethrough but milky, it’s time to collect.

Found some details and good autoflowering cannabis seeds on this website.


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