How to: Distinguish between a male and female cannabis plant

24 06 2008

Female cannabis flowers are distinguished by their white hairs, which first appear in pairs at the top of the stem and branches and at the internodes where branches emerge from the stem. These hairs will increase in number, thicken into clusters and change colour from white to orange as flowering progresses.

Difference between Male and Female Cannabis plants

Male cannabis flowers may be recognized by the pairs of tiny pods (initially, smaller than a match-head) in the same locations. They too will quickly increase in number. Soon after forming, these pods will open into mature male flowers which will then distribute pollen.



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28 07 2011
Timothy Brisefert

iz it true dat u can tell female/male..seeeds i.e female are lighter colour or shade of brown than da male seeeeds are of course a very dark almost black or pitch-black colour..????? help!! Baffled!!

26 06 2012

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15 05 2013
Growing hemp Guide 3/6 - Outdoor growing - Hemp Seed Shop

[…] the ground.  This way you can easily replace a male by a female as soon at this can be detected. Click here to read more about this. Also take care the wind can blow through your hemp plants, outside hemp […]

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